lion guard fanfiction kion kidnapped

It was a quiet day in the Pride Lands, until there were shouts for help in Mizimu Grove. Hearing them, the Lion Guard went to the place to see what happened. Yes, but Exactly, I was the only one who heard Ma Tembo's shouts, and Zabuni, in fact, was still asleep, so I came here to see what happened to Ma Tembo, and she explained everything that had happened, and it was about the little elephant of her herd, that the hyenas had kidnapped him Nne and Tano locked Mtoto in a small cavern, and Cheezi and Chungu set a rock in the entrance to prevent the little elephant from escaping.

Now you're never going to be able to get away from here, as it's time for dinner. Can we make an Chungu and Cheezi laughing. We are all going to eat the elephant, in parts, not only you are going to eat him!

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. When the Lion Guard came to the place, they saw who were the ones who were asking for help. Lion Guard! They were Ukarimu and Ma Tembo.

lion guard fanfiction kion kidnapped

We came as soon as we could! Wait a minute That you weren't with Zabuni? We'll save Mtoto before it's too late. Let's go to the rescue! We will bring Mtoto back.

The Lion Guard: Mtoto's Kidnapping

Ono, guide us -Ono: Affirmative! Meanwhile in the Outlands It's dinner time! Chungu and Cheezi laughing -Cheezi: Oh! I want his legs, and the rest of his body! Now no one can rescue you!

The Lion Guard had just arrived on time. Kion pushes Janja. Fuli starts to spin around Nne and Tano, leaving them both dizzy. My head! The two hyenas fall to the ground. Bunga went to the cave in which Mtoto was imprisoned. I made it! Mtoto's safe! You see, Janja? We win again!A few days went by for Kion and he began to trust them but still wouldn't let them bathe him, or sleep with him, or tell them anymore about the Pride Lands but he would let them play with him, train with him, and go near him without him feeling uncomfortable but he was still healing though he was able to stand and walk but had to take it easy plus Nirmala wanted to make sure nothing became of the scar down his left eye.

Kion was a fighter and was truly healing. Right now, he was helping Rani and Baliyo train near the Tree since they didn't want Kion going far in case something happened and Baliyo and Rani really wanted to train with him. Kion backed up as Baliyo and Rani began circling. He wasn't going to intervene this time unless it got intense but they don't seem to argue as much as him and his sister used to.

He noticed them lunge at each other while making sure their claws didn't come out or they would hurt each other. Kion remembered when he play fought with his sister but he had to train to make sure Zira wouldn't overpower him again. He saw them pinning each other and Rani came out on top. This is the first time that Kion actually participated then watching seeing how they can approve. The three cubs circled one another. It was one against two, that hardly seems fair but at least they weren't fully grown.

Kion lunged at them both, making certain that he doesn't release the Roar, that would be cheating to them and he didn't want them to know more about him then they had to. Kion used his paws to bat them away without using his claws or full strength because he wasn't trying to beat them up.

Kion had eventually knocked both cubs over. Kion got off of Baliyo and they both rose to their paws, panting but Kion wasn't out of breath.

Kion: I've done it for a while. Play fighting with my sister, taking on hyenas, jackles, and crocs. Kion: No. But I used claws and had a team but I was just walking around by myself while my team was doing their own thing. Rani: You're good in a fight. Maybe you could help us in the Night Pride once you're fully healed. Kion looked at the Guard mark on his shoulder and remembered that it meant that he had a duty to the Pride Lands. Kion found out the day after he woke up, which was a couple days ago, that Rani was training to be Queen and had been at it for a month now but she was allowed to take a break from it every now and then.

Kion and Baliyo went to the watering hole to get a drink and settled down. Kion: Oh, ummm.

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There was this team thing that was disgraced by the leader before me but me and my team brought glory back to it but we never took any praise. Yes, credit was given but we were never praised. My dad had put me in charge of the team and I didn't even know about it until he told me. I assembled the team with my friends. My dad didn't approve at first because he thought it should be made up out of lions not a lion, cheetah, hippo, honey badger, and egret.

We proved him wrong when we took out the hyenas, calmed the herd, and saved my sister for the first time. Kion: That is good news.Here is chapter 2 of Kion Held Captive. First off saying things like that stresses me out because sometimes I can only write a little due to being busy or not feeling good. Also I won't be pairing Vitani with Kion. I ship Kion with Fuli. Kion groaned as Zira dropped him down in the dirty. She raised a paw and smacked his jaw hard, causing it to crack.

The lion cub let out a loud scream and shook uncontrollably. It hurt so bad to move or open his mouth. There was no way he could use the roar now.

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She then picked him back up by the scruff and took him on home. Zira smiled as she dropped Kion to the ground. Vitani, Nuka and Kovu stood there watching. We will force Kion to join us. To take down Simba," Zira said. He cannot use the roar for a very long time now,". Zira smirked. She grabbed Kion and brought him to the cave and set him down on the dirt floor. Tomorrow your training begins," Zira laughed.

Then the lioness left and Kion moaned in pain.

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He laid there helpless and weak With no way to escape or get help.I'm glad to have feedback. E njoy and as always see ch 1 for disclaimer. Zira's lionesses, which was about 12 lionesses, closed in on Beshte, Fuli, Bunga and Ono. The young hippo looked over at his friends, who nodded in agreement. With that they attacked.

lion guard fanfiction kion kidnapped

Beshte took out as many lionesses as he could, using his strength. Fuli used her speed to run circles around the lionesses, which disoriented them. Bunga grabbed some rocks and sticks and began to pummel them while Ono used to the distraction to fly away to get help. But as much as the young animals tried to fight the lionesses merely got more strength. Beshte and Fuli looked at each other, both of them wondering how they were going to get out of this.

But just then they heard a thunderous roar echo through the air. The lionesses looked over and saw Simba racing towards them with Nala and four other lionesses behind him. So they along with the other lionesses went back to Pride Rock to await the King and Queen's return.

But when she spoke Cala bit down on her side causing her to cry out in pain. Zira put her paw on Kion's tail, preventing him from running away.

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Then the golden Prince got an idea. He bit Zira as hard as he could, surprising her. This gave him a chance to run. But he had forgotten Cala still had Kiara in her mouth and when he ran Cala bite down once again on Kiara's side, causing her to cry out. Kion stopped in his tracks to check on his sister. Kion didn't dare take another step, knowing Cala would kill his sister if he did. He turned and saw Zira coming towards him, looking very angry.

I'll blow you and your friend clear across the Savannah with my roar! Use that roar of yours. But remember what you do to us also gets done to your sister. Zira let out a cruel laugh and hit Kion hard in his face, sending him crashing to the ground. Wasting no time Zira struck again, sending Kion skidding across the ground.

Zira struck again and again each blow being harder than the last. They walked until they reached a small cave. Zira roughly threw Kion into the cave and Cala did the same with Kiara.


Then she looked over at Kion, who was still laying in the same spot where Zira had thrown him. Kiara asked, making sure she kept her voice low in case Kion had a concussion. Then after a minute Kion cried out, "No I'm no fine!

I'm really mad! I should've seen this coming! Then he shut his eyes tight as a wave of pain went through his head. And if you hadn't gotten captured by Cala then I could've used my roar to blow Zira away.

But I couldn't because of you! Then she stopped, unsure of what to say.Kion woke up next to Fuli in the hot tub cave thinking about what they did again yesterday. Fuli sleepy grabbed his paw and pulled it around her head snuggling deeper into his cheek. Fuli yearns sleepy and whispers good morning my prince.

Kion smiles at her and says time to get back home before my parents come back. Fuli ask where are your parents anyway? Kion answers they said they were going to their honeymoon spot to spend Upendi day together alone and won't be back till between mid day and sunset.

Fuli looks around and ask Kion what would you do if I said whispering in his ear making him look at her and smirks oh you still think you didn't have enough. Fuli makes a pouting face saying I enjoyed it so much that it was pleasuring feeling. Kion ask are you feeling okay?

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Are you in heat again? Fuli giggles at his questions and says no, and whispers in his ear making his eyes go wide like plates. Kion whispers I wonder if Kiara feels like this. Fuli ask so are you gonna fill my desire? Kion answers later right now we have to get home. Fuli answers okay but don't let me down. Kion and Fuli head home to Meet up with the lion guard. Ni and Sarafina went to Riverside Pride for Upendi day. Gavin decided to plan on getting back at his half sister.

Kovu woke up laying next to Kiara and ask what happ- stops talking to notices that Kiara has her paws wrapped around his body and looks down to see they fell asleep while still together. Kiara stirs to movement to see Kovu laying on top of her and ask Kovu can you get up while blushing from their position they were in. Kovu gets up and they head back home. Kiara walks in the den to see that all the lioness are gone and it's only them there.

lion guard fanfiction kion kidnapped

Then Kion and Fuli came in to see it's just the four of them there. Kion decides to go hunt and ask Kovu to join him while the girls talk. As they left Gavin smiled that they will regret letting an outsider in the pride lands and Kiara will regret sleeping with the outsider. Simba and Nala woke up in the jungle of love spending time together alone for privacy. Simba ask Nala are you ready to get back home?

Nala nods her head yes. While Kion and Kovu were hunting for a wildebeest for the four of them. Gavin walked into the den to see Kiara and Fuli talking. Gavin runs over and says Kiara, Fuli thank goodness that I found you.

Kiara ask what is it? Gavin tells them that Kion and Kovu were chasing a wildebeest and fell into cavern below. Kiara snarls show us.Although, Kion expressed sadness and fear, when he was scolded by his father in Return of the Roarhe will still do everything that's possible for him to save his father and, like Beshte, he is also afraid of disappointing him.

Kion will always trust his father's judgment and wants to make him proud. Kion shows great concern whenever Nala is in great peril.

The Lion Guard: Defeating Chuluun

He also expresses great fear for almost accidentally hurting Nala with the Roar, showing how much he cares for her. Unlike how his great uncle Scar was towards Mufasa, Kion does not have any resentment or jealousy towards his sister, Kiara being heir to the throne. He instead feels content that she is the future queen. Can't Wait to be Queen is the perfect example, because the two cubs are not getting along at the start of the episode, but Kion rescues Kiara from Janja's clan at the end.

The cubs can also occasionally be a little snarky with one another, as seen at the start of Return of the Roar. Their sibling rivalry seems to have diminished. Their sibling rivalry could have come from their abilities in leadership, Kion of the Lion Guard and Kiara's eventual reign as queen. In "Battle for the Pridelands", after the final battle with Scar, Kiara expressed concerns about the scar on Kion's face. That night, Kion talks with Kiara about Rani, explaining how he greatly misses her and the Night Pride.

Kiara tells Kion that their parents would understand if he decides to go back to the Tree of Life. At the Tree of Life, Kiara is happy to be attending her brother's coronation and wedding. If the cub is ever uncertain of what to do, Mufasa always reassures him that everything will be fine, although he never exactly tells him what to do.

Kion is always on good terms with Mufasa. However, in Long Live the QueenRani encourages Kion to talk to Mufasa and reassures him that he doesn't need to be afraid. Kion talks to Mufasa after not doing so for ages and realizes that Mufasa is not angry with him at all, that he had only been worried that Kion had forgotten about him.

After Kion explains himself, Mufasa assures Kion he could have talked with him so that Mufasa could have given his grandson the guidance he needed, and that he would always be there for Kion no matter what.

In The Lake of ReflectionMufasa understands that Kion is a capable enough leader to give up the Roar and informs him of where he should go. In Return to the Pride Landsat the wedding of Kion and Rani, Mufasa proudly looks down at his grandson and granddaughter-in-law. As a result, he accidentally makes the Outlands Volcano erupt and summons Scar as well as Makini's staff. Kion notices Scar for the first time in " Divide and Conquer ".

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Ever since then, Kion has made it his mission to find a way to defeat the evil lion and will stop at nothing to do so.Lemon and foul language! Hey everyone! This is my first story on fanfiction and my first lemon. So give me reviews to let me know how I can make my stories better!

Okay this is a story about kion having a little too much fun with the females he encounters. So without further do here it is. Kion was happily skipping on his way to the outlands to meet his friend jasiri. Oh well. Finally kion stumbles into the outlands. He sees jasiri and walks over to her. Kion started feeling weird.

We're friends" says the male lion. I have feelings for you too. I guess then we can be mates Of course I would! I forgot". Then jasiri lays on her back and shows her bleeding pussy to kion. Kion then gets on top of jasiri and penetrates her pussy.

I love you I'm gonna cum Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Lion Guard. Our leader of the lion guard has more fun than he shoul with mor e females than he should. Chapter 1: jasiri Kion was happily skipping on his way to the outlands to meet his friend jasiri.

Vote for chapter 2 fuli,nala,kiara or tifu even males if you want. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

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